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Spring Recital

Eastridge Community Church
3727 W. Arrowhead Rd.
Duluth, MN 55811

On May 14th, 2016, Hamlin Music held it's 26th annual Spring Recital at Eastridge Church. The room was filled with parents, family and friends who came to hear and support their talented student performers. Public performance is a key part of Hamlin Music Academy and this years spring recital did not disappoint.

Recently several of our students performed at the  Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) Contest and the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs (MFMC) Festival participants. These students are recognized in the recital program below (* = MMTA Contest winners) (^ = MFMC Festival participants).

The student performers, their instrument, song and composer are listed below:

^Maija Korpi - piano - Ode to Joy - Beethoven

^Isabella Anderson - piano - Pandas on Parade - Kramer

^Maija Dahlberg - piano - Alley Cat Caper - Cruse

*^Avery Sorenson - piano - Linus and Lucy - Guiraldi

Owen & Savannah Baker - guitar - Bravo - traditional

Anika Elsmore - guitar - When the Saints Go Marching In - traditional

Grace Shingledecker - guitar - Can you Feel the Love Tonight - John

Lizzie VanHees - piano - Spinning Daydreams - Kern

Autumn Larsen - piano - Scarf Dance - Faber

Araya Shovein - piano - Russian Sailor Dance - Faber

*^Dakota Lowney - piano - Dinosaur Stomp - Faber

Emily Tusken - piano - A Time to Say Goodbye - Sartori

Macie Lind - violin - Theme from Surprise Symphony - Haydn

Eli Adams - violin - Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down - Fiddle

Kyla Rosman - viola - A Tisket, A Tasket - traditional

Sovay Nick - violin - Ode to Joy - Beethoven

Cayley Larsen - piano - Whirling Leaves - Faber

*Abby Roberts - piano - Great Fountain - Berr

*Macie Lind - piano - Lady Allyson’s Minuet - Vandell

Jack McCormick - piano - Take on Me - Waaktaar/Furuholmne

Grace McCormick - guitar - Don’t Take the Girl - Martin/Johnson

Christi Jensen - guitar - Dib’s - Ballerini

Noah Beyer - guitar - Tallis Canon/Baroque March - Handel

Angelique Johnson - piano - Tarantella - Pieczonka

Ethan Shingledecker - piano - Solfegietto - CPE Bach    

Rutger VanHees guitar - Stray Cat Blues - Setzer

     * Minnesota Music Teachers Association Contest Winners   

     ^ Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs Festival participants

Thank you to students for sharing your talent and entertaining us.  We thank parents and friends for your continued support to music education.   The universal language of music is needed more than ever in families, and communities world-wide.  Thanks  to everyone for their awesome contribution.

INSTRUCTORS: Samantha Amys, RaeAnn Hamlin, Cullen Horne, Brian Langlee, Kathleen Daly, Andy Hauswirth, Nick Muska, Matthew Booth