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Hamlin Music Academy 2018-19 Calendar

2019 - 20 Calendar

Nov 19-24               Thanksgiving Break                     No Regular Lessons

Dec 9                     Christmas Recital                        (Elim Luth Church  1:00 and 2:30 performances

Dec 24-Jan 5         Christmas Break                          No Regular Lessons

Jan 20                    MMTA Music Contest                  CSS – 4th Floor

Feb 11-12               Festival                                       CSS – 4th Floor

April 14-20              Easter Break                               No Regular Lessons

May 5                     Spring Recital                              TBA

July 30                    Sidewalk Car Show Recital          HMA on Grand Avenue                                  

Aug 1                         Spirit Valley Days Recital                TBA

Aug 1                      Spirit Valley Days Parade             Grand Avenue

Aug 26-Sept 7         End-of-Year Break                        No Regular Lessons